French press coffee looks, smells and more importantly, tastes fantastic.

It is a beautifully simple and convenient system that combines serving & brewing in one unit.

Due to the fine metal filter, the device produces a smooth coffee that doesn't remove any of its natural oils.





French Press


Stirring Tool

Measuring Spoon

Coffee cup or other vessel



For best flavour we recommend using freshly ground

coffee of medium to coarse grind

If you are using 350 grams of water, you will want 30

grams of coffee



4 minutes

Step 1

Place the French Press onto a flat non-slip surface and preheat the devices with boiling water and remove

just before adding the coffee.

Step 2

Ensure the straining device is fully removed, then using a measuring spoon, measure and pour in the base of

jug the required amount of ground coffee to suit your taste.

Step 3

Allow freshly boiled water to cool for 3-4 minutes, as this will prevent burning the coffee and spoiling

that flavour.

Add half of the water required, allowing the coffee to bloom for 20 seconds, then add the remaining

water ensuring you cover all the coffee grounds and stir to release flavour.

Step 4

Place the lid back on top of the French Press, then after 4 minutes plunge downwards in one

slow steady motion.

*Top tip: do not apply excessive pressure as you will find the grounds may escape into the filtered liquid.

Step 5

Simply pour into a mug, add milk or sugar to taste and enjoy!