Cold or "slow brewing" creates a unique smooth, sweet coffee. The cold process makes the most of the coffee

but does not break down the fatty acids which can lead to a bitter taste.

Perfect served straight over ice or mixed with chilled milk. You can also create exciting flavour combinations with syrups, liquors, creams or spices.

It is also possible to make a concentrated coffee which can be diluted and reheated for hot beverages.




Cold Brew

Measuring Spoon


For the best flavour we recommend using freshly ground

coffee of medium to coarse grind

Serve cold brew over ice for a tasty iced coffee


12-24 hours


Step 1

Remove the lid from the filter basket and place medium/coarse freshly ground coffee into the basket.

We recommend making to taste but as a guide: 12 tbsp (180ml) if filling to max fill line (800ml water).

Alternatively measure one cup (120ml) to 2tbsp (30ml) of coffee.

Then replace the lid.

Step 2

Fill the carafe with fresh water, observing the maximum fill line.

Step 3

Carefully and slowly immerse the filter basket into the filled carafe.

Replace the lid.

Step 4

Leave to stand for 12-24 hours in a fridge or at room temperature.

Ensure that the unit is kept upright at all times.

Step 5

Once the desired time has been reached, slowly remove the filter basket from the brewed coffee.

Remove lid from basket.

Step 6

Replace the lid and store in a chilled fridge.

Coffee can be stored for up to 3 days.

You have now created a batch of coffee which becomes the base for any number of coffees you choose to make.