The Brew It Stick is a revolutionary way to make great-tasting coffee with minimal time and effort.

Easy to clean and convenient to carry around, the Brew It Stick is the ideal choice for newcomers to coffee brewing or those with limited

time on their hands.



Ground coffee


Brew It Stick


Measuring Spoon

Coffee cup or other vessel



Using coarsely ground coffee

Infusing for a minimum of 4 minutes, however to

increase strength you can leave to brew for longer


4 minutes


Step 1

Boil enough water to fill your mug. On average this will be around 300ml.

Step 2

Using a Measuring Spoon measure out 15g of ground coffee and pour in the Brew It Stick chamber.

Once filled you can secure the handle to the chamber and you are ready to brew.

Step 3

Slowly pour boiling water from the kettle through the 360 degree handle filter.

Pour until desired water level is reached then submerge.

*Top tip: hold the stick at a slight angle when pouring over the filter and

slowly twist as this will help the coffee to perfectly bloom.

Step 4

When submerged in the water slowly twist the Brew It Stick then leave to the chamber in the water

for 4 minutes to infuse.

Step 5

After the required brew time, remove the infuser from the mug and place into its stylish drip catching stand.

Step 6

Add milk or sugar to taste if required and simply enjoy!